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About the crypto battle

$ELONM and $JEFFB are 2 community-driven decentralized utility battle tokens. The first battle tokens ever !

Their smart contracts integrate automated liquidity systems that facilitate swaps, allow a fair crypto-battle between Elon and Jeff, and rewards the HODLers 4% on every transaction.

Our network and DAO governance also provides multiple services, benefits and rewards to HODLers of the 2 coins.

By entering $ELONM and $JEFFB‘s network, you become part of the biggest game changing project that influences the future of humanity.

This future has already began, very fast …and it’s in your (Diamond) hands now !

Elon versus Jeff’s vision is:

  1. SHORT TERM: Crypto-crystallize all the media attention and buzz around the battle opposing Elon MUSK and Jeff BEZOS.
    They keep on fighting in real life to see who’s got the BIGGEST => we benefit from this animation by identifiying and supporting the space tech industry and the space tech startups ecosystem (financed via the cryptoverse and NFTs games).
  2. MID TERM: Once the startups are identified, “proposed” on our platform, and elected via our community DAO governance rules, we fund them by paying them GOLDEN TICKETS to send their projects to space (= 7 to 10 million USD$ per project depending on the charge).
  3. LONG TERM: Our vision is to be, in 2023 and for the next 50 years, the leading startup accelerator and biggest GOLDEN TICKETS provider in all our solar system.

Our final goal is to help launching 1 project per week at the end of 2022 (in orbit, to space, to Mars, even to Jupiter and beyond…)

“SpaceTech Venture (STVX) is the first Crypto SpaceTech startups accelerator. Our vision is to gather talents around the world, coach and finance them, in order to send them or their project to space, the Moon, Mars, and beyond !

We find your startup and pay your golden ticket to space.

Olivier RAVEAU – SpaceTech Venture CEO
olivier.r (at)

Beside animating Elon versus Jeff’s battle, the 2 $ELONM and $JEFFB tokens are also usefull to :

  1. WIN PRIZES – Each month a Tesla model Y is offered to one lucky HODLer. On Xmas it’s a Cybertruck ! And we got plenty of other prizes for you…
  2. PLAY AND EARN / PLAY AND LEARN – Participate to the first NFT space conquest that teaches you stuffs about our solar system.
  3. SUPPORT STARTUPS – We support SpaceTech startups by financing them 1 to 10 million USD$. When you HODL some $ELONM and $JEFFB tokens, you decide which startup gets the money.
  4. GOVERN IN DAO – Collect coins and participate to the DAO about the future of SpaceTech Venture.

By HODLing your $ELONM and $JEFFB tokens, you are automatically rewarded on all trading transactions because:

  • 3% of all transactions are automaticaly burned (= which gives more and more value to your coins still available).
  • 4% of all transactions are distributed to Diamond Hands Hodlers and early investors (= your wallet).
  • 5% of all transactions are distributed to the liquidity pool and locked as TotalValueLocked (TVL) to contribute to automatic liquidity generation used by DEX (like Uniswap). This process of adding some liquidity aims to stabilize the volatility of the coins.

Your rewards are then automatically transfered by the 2 smart contracts to your ERC20 wallet :

  • each week – sometimes it’s a little longer depending on the Ethereum network gaz fees,
  • and the day depends on the coins you HODL – even if the 2 coins were launched with identical token metrics, their blockchain both had a different life cycle since their launch.

See the 2 smart contracts rewards transactions :

As we choose to code 2 deflationary tokens, $ELONM and $JEFF coins are burned each time there are :

  1. community actions by the HODLers of the coins (= when you vote, play, buy NFT…support any of the 2 guys).
  2. or on Elon vs Jeff’s “battle interactions” in real life (= new tweet, new lawsuit, new NASA contract, new orbital milestone reached …).

The main goals are to:

  1. Decrease over time the circulating supply, which increase the value of other coins (= the ones HODLed by the loyal community members).
  2. Do this when there’s a utility inside a procedure that gives a rating, a reward, a feedback, some satisfaction or any other added value interaction in the crypto-battle logic.
  3. Animate the community with key burning milestones (arrival to the Moon, arrival to Mars… ) that will burn BIG amounts of the coins supply, usually causing a raise in the crypto-price.

It depends on the actions you’d like to do.

To buy NFTs and play games: you can use any crypto you want. We accept about 100 differents cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Binance coin, XRP, Polkadot, Solana, Chainlink, Litecoin, Polygon etc …

To vote on the DAO Governance or participate to the monthly contest: you need to have some $ELONM or $JEFF coins, it’s a club reserved to its members.

The rules are:

  • You can only support Elon MUSK with some $ELONM coins in your wallet
  • You can only support Jeff BEZOS with some $JEFF coins in your wallet

But you have the right to buy and store both coins on your wallet – for example in order to raise your chances of winnnig a Tesla every month πŸ˜‰

Each time there’s :

  • an action on the network done by a crypto HODLer – like a vote on a news, an NFT sell, a DAO governance vote, a big swap transaction, a big coin burn, an airdrop…
  • or a real-life event done by Elon or Jeff – like a new tweet, a new media review, a new lawsuit, a new engine design key optimisation, any new milestone reached…or failed,

the action/event is :

  • publicly registered inside the corresponding Ethereum smart contract – $ELONM (0x8c271…) or $JEFF (0xb27be…),
  • this transaction burns some coins – on the blockchain related to the action/event,
  • and it also redistribute some coins to the community and the startups supported,

This crypto-mechanism has a positive impact on the related cryptocurrency price, which tends to grow over time like any sucessfull company.

The 2 smart contracts both run on the public and decentralized Ethereum blockchain (London Hard Fork) which includes the latest Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP-1559).

Read more details on Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)’s Github account.

Crypto lottery: monthly Prizes for lucky Hodlers

A Tesla every month for 1 Diamond hands hodler !

Each month, our AI crypto-algorithm (called RefereeX) randomly picks a wallet ID among the Diamond Hands HODLers of the 2 $ELONM and $JEFFB coins, and we send you the latest Tesla Model Y + Full Self-Driving Capability ($71,990), directly at home πŸ˜‰

And… at the end of each year, we offer a CyberTruck Tri-motor AWD + Full Self-Driving ($79,900)

To facilitate your understanding, Elon vs Jeff’s monthly contest is kind of a crypto lottery, but as long as it’s part of a battle… we’ll say it’s a contest.

So, to participate to Elon vs Jeff’s monthly contest and be rewarded for your implication, you just have to get some new $ELONM or $JEFF coins on your favorite wallet, and hodl them for at least 20 days per month.

As all transactions are registered in our public Ethereum blockchains, RefereeX randomly picks 1 lucky winner each month, among all the transactions done on the 2 blockchain’s smart-contracts – the last 30 days.

You can see those transactions and all the details of the smart contracts related here :

RefereeX is an intelligent robot so he follows certains rules and principles that you can “hack” πŸ˜‰ in order to raise your chances of winning the Tesla model Y…or a CyberTruck !

On this game, to guarantee fair equity of all the participating HODLers, the winners are publicly chosen, informed and rewarded by an AI robot. Not the Tesla bot, unfortunately not yet available, but by RefereeX: our AI crypto-algorithm.

RefereeX is a young bot born because our engineers spent most of their time coding hard on this project… and the little fun they could found this summer was to create this AI πŸ˜‰


  1. RefereeX has been developped in TypeScript x Web3.js,
  2. By a team of 5 experienced blockchain and backend engineers,
  3. He relies on the Ethereum blockchain registery and security of the last Berlin update (EIP-1559) – Read more on Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)’s Github account,
  4. He is API-linked to $ELONM and $JEFF smart contracts,
  5. He is cross bridged with Chainlink decentralized oracle networks – in order to provide tamper-proof computations to support his advanced smart contracts transactions (which means: the fair picking of the winners calculated on multiple decentralized computers).

RefereeX is a crypto-bot, so he gives a (little) more chances to loyal crypto guys like:

  1. The early investors: the earlier you buy your coins, the more chances you have to win Teslas,
  2. The long term HODLers / STACKers: If you’ve got Diamond Hands and you stack your coins for long period of time, RefereeX recognizes you and put you in his favors πŸ˜‰ ,
  3. The frequent buyers: If you buy coins each month, RefereeX sees that you participate regularly to the contest, and rewards you for your good – laser eye – behavior.
  4. The members implicated in the community: If you’ve voted on a news, if you’ve bought an NFT, if you’ve participated in the DAO governance by voting on some laws…. then you are rewarded a few more percentages of chances to win…

But don’t forget:

RefereeX is an AI crypto-bot with crypto-randomness, so THE MORE YOU HODL, THE MORE YOU WIN !

The rules are simple:

  1. BUY COINS: Each month, you buy one of the 2 $ELONM or $JEFF coins (or both); that way you become part of the community and you benefit from all the advantages of the coin’s networks (like “automatically participating to the monthly contest when you HODL”).
  2. HODL: You HODL your $ELONM or $JEFF coins for the month (= stacking for at least 20 consecutive days).
  3. CHECK: At the end of each month, RefereeX picks the wallet IDs of the lucky winners – a Tesla for the first prize, NFT cards for the second and third place, and other gifts for the next 7 HODLers picked. And we publish the results on the website + all our social networks.
  4. RECEIVE: RefereeX also send you a public message on the blockchain to inform you that you won – and ask you to send us your delivery addressΒ  (in a private message this time) and the color you wish for your new car.
  5. ENJOY: You get your Tesla delivered at home within a few days and you can send us a Tweet of you enjoying the ride πŸ˜‰

The contest starts when the 2 coins both reach at least 100 million$ market cap (source CoinMarketCap).

Every month, 10 lucky winners receive, delivered at their home, those amazing prizes:

  1. A Tesla Model Y ($71,990)see here on Tesla website
  2. An NFT from Elon vs Jeff’s official collection (value 10 ETH)
  3. An NFT from Elon vs Jeff’s official collection (value 3 ETH)
  4. Amazon prizes for 10 000 $ – You will tell us what you want and our support team will handle the order and pay for it.
  5. Amazon prizes for 5 000 $
  6. Amazon prizes for 4 000 $
  7. Amazon prizes for 3 000 $
  8. Amazon prizes for 2 000 $
  9. Amazon prizes for 1 000 $
  10. Amazon prizes for 500 $

Every christmas we offer a CyberTruck (value of $79,990) to 1 lucky and loyal HODLer.

RefereeX rewards this loyal coins hodler by picking him among all the long term hodlers of the whole year (so you got to hodl and stack long term).

The results are given each month, the first day of the month (at 2PM GMT):

  1. Published on our website in the “news” section + newsletter + on all our social networks.
  2. You’ll receive a notification on your wallet – RefereeX sends you an automated public crypto message in a transaction on your ERC-20 wallet – like the Poly.Network white hacker did πŸ˜‰ – in order to show to everybody that you are THE ONLY ONE receiver of the reward.
  3. All the game transactions are stored with blockchain proofs registered on the smart contracts of the 2 coins. Thus you can monitor those transactions on every first day of the month.
  1. When you win, you receive a proof of transaction on your ERC-20 wallet, which is your unique winner hash code. This crypto unique code has been automatically generated and sent by RefereeX, on the Ethereum blockchain, then calculated by multiple computers around the world, so it’s the public unfalsifiable proof that you won.
  2. With this public ERC-20 transaction, RefereeX also sends you a private dedicated email address on which you can tell us your delivery address, and the color you wish for your car (technically, this second communication is done using 2 quick-generated private NFTs ERC-721, used as a one-shot security tunnel to ask – answer).
  3. Then, our marketing director orders the Tesla (and the other prizes) online, pays with the 2 “community lottery” wallets (link below), and we put your delivery address in the process (directly on Tesla’s website or

If you won an NFT Special Collection Card (second and third place), RefereeX sends you automatically the NFT directly on your ERC20 wallet – the same wallet where you store your $ELONM or $JEFF coins.

  1. All decisions taken during the contest are generated by RefereeX’s AI, which is not a human that you can influence or “buy” – RefereeX does what he has been coded for, and it does it well: cryptographically pick 10 winners each month and inform them.
  2. All transactions made during the contest are automatically registered on the Ethereum public blockchain – thus anyone, even without any technical knowledge, can investigate on
  3. All the underlying logics of the game are integrated into our 2 open-sourced smart contracts, that anyone can read and verify on $ELONM deployed smart contract (0x8c271…), $JEFF deployed smart contract (0xb27be…) or in the sources on our public Github account.

The 2 “community lottery” wallets contain 1,62% of the initial supply of each coin. They are used to pay the prizes and rewards to the winners each months.

$ELONM lottery wallet $JEFF lottery wallet
0xA5C… 0xEd0…

The 2 smart contracts details are:

The first NFT space conquest game ever !

Play-to-earn, to learn, and win 1 million $

Find the secret clues hidden inside Elon-vs-Jeff’s NFTs, solve them by using your brain and knowledge, and unlock the 1 million USD$ treasure hidden far in the NFT galaxy.

You too can become a pioneer in the space conquest* by crypto-colonising and crypto-terraforming planets of the solar system faster than Elon or Jeff.

Take your NFT ticket on OpenSea and fasten your seat belt !

* All NFT revenues go to the financing of SpaceTech startups.

Elon vs Jeff NFTs on OpenSea
  1. BUY: buy Elon-vs-Jeff official NFTs on OpenSea
  2. FIND: Find secrets hidden in the NFTs. To do that: zoom in High Definition and/or check inside the hidden private content in the NFT – that only the buyer can read.
  3. SOLVE: Solve the question and sometimes decode the enigma … Which is always related to some knowledge about planets of our solar system. So you also learn interesting things about our universe while playing: you play-and-learn while play-and-earn πŸ˜‰
  4. REPORT: Copy/paste the answers you found in your profile – you can login with your MetaMask or Fortmatic web3Β  wallet, no need of an email registration.
  5. WIN: If you’re the first to find the 10 secrets, you win 1 000 000 USDT (= you automatically unlock a smart contract protecting a hidden wallet containing 1 million USDT)

LOL. You don’t seem to understand what a secret is πŸ˜‰

But we can at least tell you 2 things:

  1. once you’ve bought an NFT card, you – and only you – have access to the high definition version,Β  thus you can easily zoom on it to find the clues,
  2. And on each NFT card, there’s some unlockable content, that can only be revealed by the owner of the item.

The rules of the first NFT Space Conquest are simple:



  • The NFT game has already started (on august 29, 2021),
  • The first Elon vs Jeff NFT “Rare Serie 1” (8 cards only) already contains hidden secrets,
  • Each week, during 10 weeks, new NFT series (of 10 cards) will be released to allow everybody to participate. Some minted in 1 edition only (on Ethereum blockchain), some minted in multiple copies (on Polygon blockchain).
  • August 29, 202: beginning of the game, release of the first NFT serie (only 8 Rare cards, in only 1 edition)
  • August 30: release of the God battle card (only 1 Unique card).
  • Sept/ Oct / Dec 2021: release of new NFT Series (static and animated, Exclusive > Rare > Unique).
  • Each 2 weeks: release of a God Unique card (with 3 hidden secrets to speed-up your space journey)
  • End of the game: when someone has found the 10 answers and unlocked the 1 million USDT treasure.
  • Mid-2022: we start the development of the game in a VR (Virtual Reality) play-to-earn e-sport community game.

Once you fill the 10 answers in your profile (connected on your Metamask / Fortmatic wallet), if you are the first, you automatically unlock the million USDT hidden treasure on your wallet.

You’ll get your reward a few minutes later confirmed by an Ethereum blockchain ERC20 transaction.

And you can enjoy beeing the first to have ever achieved this crypto-mission !

To succeed in this crypto play-to-(l)earn game, there’s 10 questions to answer, using patience, knowledge and perseverance… but maybe you don’t want to wait 10 weeks and I’d to use a shortcut ?

Quick note:

  • An Exclusive NFT Card hides 1 secret answer.
    10 Exclusive Series will be minted during the next 10 weeks.
  • A Rare NFT Card hides 2 secret answers.
    5 Rare Series will de minted.
  • A God NFT Card hides 3 secret answers.
    Only 2 God cards will be minted during the whole game.

In our monthly community contest to win a Tesla… any HODLer can win.

But for the million dollars conquest: there’s only 1 NFT space traveller that takes it all back home ! The first to unlock the treasure.

The game runs on an ERC-721 smart contract powered on the Ethereum ERC-20 blokchain.

The address of the game is here on

SpaceTech Venture

Contribute to space colonisation

STVX is the first Crypto SpaceTech startups accelerator. Our vision is to gather talents around the world, coach and finance them, in order to send them to space, the Moon, Mars, and beyond !

We find your startup and pay your golden ticket to go to space.

Olivier RAVEAU – SpaceTech Venture CEO

Our company based in Luzern (SWITZERLAND) has been founded in 2021 by a team of 3 space tech and blockchain engineers :

  • totalising more than 60 years of experience,
  • willing to actively contribute to the space colonisation,
  • and whom also believe that human is a multi-planetary species.

SpaceTech Venture is the first space tech startups crypto-accelerator that supports and finances young companies of the space industry.

We support the startups whom need a GOLDEN TICKET to go into space to :

  • test their POC (Proof Of Concept),
  • run their MVP (Minimum Viable Product),
  • or commercialize their finalized product.

Anyone that has an idea to contribute to the space conquest is welcome in our network:

  • Whether you work on an already existing company,
  • or you think about creating a new one,
  • wheter you already have funds or not,
  • wheter you already have a team or not …

you are welcome in the SpaceTech Venture network.

Our crypto-community is here to help your dreams go to space.

The startups registrations starts mid-september 2021.

  1. Elon-versus-Jeff is the first cryptobattle in the universe (= free marketing).
  2. We’ve launched the first NFT play-to-earn game / crypto-space conquest (= NFT fundings)
  3. SpaceTech Venture is the first crypto community fund for the space tech industry (with decisions driven by DAO governance).

Our ambition is to become the worldwide leader accelerator to support and finance startups in the space tech sector, and stay at this top for the next 50 years by sending thousands of companies into space.

Elon Vs Jeff is a community project, which means that YOU (= the HODLer) who invested in the project have the permission to decide the future of the project.

  • These decisions are managed through a DAO governance, an organization managed by a smart contract (= the creator of that smart contract cannot decide anything, he just follows the rules).
  • These rules are proposed and voted on by the community.
  • When the rule is adopted by a vote, we deploy it – and anyone can track our record on the public blockchain wallets of the project !

Tips: Read more about DAO blockchain community governance.

SpaceTech venture is the first space tech startup crypto-accelerator, which means that decisions are taken by votes of the community HODLers.

As the first crypto venture capitalist, our community shareholders make all the important decisions.

The more coins you have, the more influence you have.

You can follow SpaceTech Venture news:

  1. On Telegram
  2. On Twitter channel :
  3. On Reddit :
  4. On Youtube :
  5. By newsletter: see below
  6. Or by coming daily on our website

Keep in touch and see you soon !

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