Exclusive NFTNFT Jeff BEZOS

This NFT card is inspired by Jeff’s (ex) wife.

Available on OpenSea


1/ A ZIP archive with 3 original source files

  • Front : PNG ULTRA HD 900 ppi – 6690 x 10796px (30 Mo).
  • Back : PNG ULTRA HD 900 ppi – 6690 x 10796px (20 Mo).
  • Poster: PDF ULTRA HD 900 ppi – 6690 x 10796px (40 Mo).

With those files, you can broadcast your NFT on a 4K full screen, a home cinema, inside an NFT art gallery, or print it on a poster the size of a wall (without any quality loss).

2/ Your archive stored forever on IPFS’s p2p persistent network

  • First, your NFT sources are encrypted and stored on permaweb decentralized nodes,
  • Then they are distributed on the InterPlanetary File System –‘s peer-to-peer hypermedia web3 protocol.
  • And finally pinned on Arweave‘s network nodes to make information permanence sustainable.

Our goal is to insure 100% persistence and availability of your NFT source files, forever on your crypto wallet (to collect or re-sell).

3/ You also get 1 secret code

  • This code helps you find the 1 million USDT treasure on your NFT play-to-earn space quest.
  • It is hidden in the Smart Contract’s Unlockable Content – that can only be revealed by the owner of the item.
- +



  • Each one of our unique NFTs (this one included) will be printed, personalized, framed in an individualy sealed metal box, and launched to space using SpaceX or Blue Origin‘s services.
  • All NFTs sells revenues go to the financing of Space Tech startups.


Space Tech Ventures doesn’t only sells digitals NFTs, we also print physical NFTs, customize them, and deliver them to their digital owners in order to involve a legal transfer of the physical goods.
Thus, if you (the NFT owner) want to receive your physical personalized NFT, send us an email at [] with your :

  • a) Name
  • b) Country / Delivery address
  • c) NFT hash / ID (that you want to physically receive)
  • d) The customisations you want on your individualy framed NFT: gold frame, diamonds integration, other luxury request (as we are based in Switzerland and work with century-old goldsmiths around Geneva: any customisation can be done).

Meanwhile, Space Tech Ventures’s legal team :

  • a) ensures the legal conformity of that transfer,
  • b) coordinates with the owner (through the asset’s Unlockable Content section) in order to ensure the item is delivered as expected.

Legal terms:

  • a) Space Tech Venture’s involvement only goes so far as the transfer of the digital asset to the owner.
  • b) The digital owner should ensure there is a way to coordinate with Space Tech Venture’s delivery service for off-platform transfers.

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